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Hello. My Name is Claudia. I am 27 yrs old. I am a size 30/32. I've been a bbw whole life. I am not from Seattle, but Moses Lake rather. I hope this still counts as "surounding area" due to the fact Spokane has no rooms like this one. I'd love to be an active member.

F.Y.I extras

I have three kids named Kiessa (7) cody (almost 2) and Bella (almost 1)

I am devorced. I am seeing some at this time but we are very "on again, off again"

my style in music, books, and movies are all very eclectic.

I am Bi-sexual and proud of it. I've never been "in the closet"

I am currently in The School of Floral design. I've wanted my whole life to forfill my dream of working in the floral industry, so now im going for it!

hear are a few pics of me and my kids....


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